Network Implementation & Integration

Terra Nova Group Delivers Independent Expertise in Professional Networks:


Ethernet IEEE 802.3(10/100/1000,10000), Layer 2/3/4 Switches, ATM OC12/OC3/DS3, DSL, Broadband, T1, Frame Relay, ISDN, Wireless 802.11A/B/G/N

With our extensive background in all types of LAN and WAN topologies we can implement your network as quickly as possible since we have already found most of the “pitfalls” of the different topologies. Also, we are constantly updating ourselves to the newest topologies so that we can provide you with the options that will help you set up the best network possible for your environment.

IP Routing/OSPF/ EIGRP/ BGP, DNS/DHCP, IPSec, MPLS, Internet Access, VPN, Internet security, VoIP, IP telephony, Layer 2/3 Switching, secured partner access

Our certified professionals can set up your network to run in the most efficient manner. We have in-depth knowledge of all types of routing protocols and understand what needs to be done to get your network up and running.
Plus, security is a major concern in all businesses and we understand and know firewalls and VPN access technologies.


TIA/EIA 568, Fiber (SM/MM), Twisted Pair (UTP, STP), Universal Cable Plants


During the implementation, it is important that there is someone that can communicate with the cabling group to make sure that all standards are maintained. We have helped many firms install major structured cabling systems and have project managers that can make sure that it is done right.
Application Integration

Client/Server, Windows, E-Mail, Document Imaging, Multi-Media, Internet, Data/Voice/video convergence, Mainframe Access, Custom development

TNG has a strong track record of making applications and communication systems run efficiently over networks. We have worked with all kinds of applications and systems and can help make sure that your network is a hit with your users.


Windows with Active Directory

Server software is constantly changing and we are allows keeping up with the changes so that we can help you make sure that your servers are up and running. We are currently working with Microsoft’s new .Net Server (Windows Server 2003) to see how this new release will fit in with the current versions and to see what advantages it will bring to your organization.